Low-carb, healthy, Oat pizza

Are you following a low carb diet and still want to eat a delicious pizza, that does not contain any wheat? a pizza that is also very healthy? Try our favorite, Oat pizza.. and let it surprise you!
Oat pizza1

The Pizza serves 3-4 people and its preparation time is around 45 minutes.

Individually we make the 3 parts of the pizza, the crust, the sauce and the topping.
We recommend starting with preparing the crust, and while that is in the oven, to start the topping, and in the end, the fastest of the three, the sauce.

4 2/3 cups of Oat
1 cup Flax seeds (also called linseeds)
1 Teaspoon Sodium Bicarbonate
2 Cups Water
1 Teaspoon honey

Hack the Oat and Flax seeds into powder with a grinder (preferably a coffee bean grinder)
Put the powder into a bowl  and add the honey and sodium bicarbonate.
Add the water and mix it together with your hands. –Add Oat powder as desired.
When ready, spread it on a baking form and cook for 25 minutes at 200°C (400 F) or  until the crust becomes crispy.
This is how it should look after mixing:
5 Onion
2 Paprika
3 Tomatoes
Coconut oil, as desired
Salt, as desired
140 g corn
440 g beans
½-1 cup green peas

Cut the onion, paprika and tomato into little pieces.
Start cooking the onion on a pan with coconut oil.
When the onion is ready, add the paprika,tomato and salt and cook it until it becomes soft.
As it becomes soft, add the corn, peas and beans and cook it all together until it becomes soft.
(If it is watery from the vegetables, cook until the water has vaporized)

1 whole garlic
oregano, as desired
salt, as desired
8 table spoons Coconut oil
8 table spoons tomato sauce
1 teaspoon honey (only in case the tomato sauce is sugar-free)

Cut the garlic into small pieces and put them into a pot with 8 table spoons of Coconut oil and start to cook it until the garlic is ready. After that, add 8 table spoons of tomato sauce, oregano, salt and honey.
Mix it and wait until it starts to boil, than it is ready.

Finally, after taking the crust out of the oven, put the sauce and than the topping. Last step to do is to add some tuna over it, as desired.